Dice – App Description

App Description

Roll the dice… the new dice app with real-time physics and realistic 3D graphics.

  • Up to 20 dice in the set
  • Perfectly suited for games like Yahtzee™ by quick removal and return of individual dice
  • Many different dice designs
  • Different perspectives freely zoomable and draggable
  • Animated camera motion
  • Dice throwing by shaking the phone or by button click
  • Fully configurable look with custom face- and eye colors
  • Automatic sums and throw counts

The ‘bullet’ physics engine impressively simulates the cube motions. Sound and seamless change of the observer’s perspective with animated camera movements provide a realistic feeling when casting the dice.

  • Predefined dice designs
  • Classic, rounded ivory dice
  • Black dice with neon dots
  • Colored, slanted dice faces
  • Transparent ‘spooky’ dice

Look at a few screenshots here: Dice Screenshots

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