Chessie plays chess against you and does not always have to be the winner. On the contrary – in the “Chessie” levels, Chessie lets you win and even helps you – more or less so, depending on the level.

When winning against Chessie becomes too simple – play against “Chesso”: here it gets challenging, because Chesso is a serious opponent and it is not easy to beat Chesso …

  • Chess playing for beginners and for experienced players
  • Chessie levels for practicing the moves and for relaxing chess game on the go
  • Chesso stage for playing against a srious chess opponent
  • Point system rewarding quick captures of opponent’s pieces

Chessie is not “Losing Chess”, because there is no forced capturing and the regular chess rules always apply. Chessie trains your chess skills and always makes fun!

In order to encourage learning and practicing the chess game rules, Chessie features:

  • Flagging of the squares that are legal targets of a move
  • Undo of moves and carrying out of an alternative move
  • Suggestion of reasonable good next moves

Dice – Screenshots

Below you can find a few screenshots of the application running on a Nexus 4 device.

Dice – App Description

App Description

Roll the dice… the new dice app with real-time physics and realistic 3D graphics.

  • Up to 20 dice in the set
  • Perfectly suited for games like Yahtzee™ by quick removal and return of individual dice
  • Many different dice designs
  • Different perspectives freely zoomable and draggable
  • Animated camera motion
  • Dice throwing by shaking the phone or by button click
  • Fully configurable look with custom face- and eye colors
  • Automatic sums and throw counts

The ‘bullet’ physics engine impressively simulates the cube motions. Sound and seamless change of the observer’s perspective with animated camera movements provide a realistic feeling when casting the dice.

  • Predefined dice designs
  • Classic, rounded ivory dice
  • Black dice with neon dots
  • Colored, slanted dice faces
  • Transparent ‘spooky’ dice

Look at a few screenshots here: Dice Screenshots

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